I not really that familiar with Indian restaurants but I believe that Darbar is one of the better choices that one is going to find locally.

Darbar authentic Indian restaurant Emsworth

I am a lot more comfortable with Thai food and I find that Indian curries are not as robust and are a lot less spicy. Despite this I have thoroughly enjoyed the couple of meals I have had at Darbar. Together with its sister restaurant Thyme & Chilli on the way to West Wittering I have no doubt that they rank among the best Indian restaurants in West Sussex.

Authentic Indian restaurants South Coast Hampshire West Sussex

I was referred when I stopped at Thyme & Chillies on the way to Wittering. It is run by the same owners and I was assured by a particularly friendly and enthusiastic waitron that they only prepare authentic Indian cuisine and I had no reason to doubt his word at either restaurant.

Authentic Indian rice pudding South Coast

But it was the Indian rice pudding I found on the menu at Darbar that convinced me. Its something I used to order many years ago in a small Indian restaurant in Corlett Drive in Johannesburg. Not quite what I remember but it still brought back fond memories.

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  1. Can’t go wrong at Darbar. One of the best Indian restaurants in the area by far. We eat out a lot and are particularly partial to a good Indian curry. Thyme & Chillies is also good as is Meghdoots in Petworth. You should try it.

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