Driftwood Cafe

Good coffee, the morning newspaper, a warm croissant and blackcurrant jam.

Croissant and blackcurrant jam Driftwood Cafe

Chocolate cake with either coffee or afternoon tea

Chocolate cake Driftwood Cafe Emsworth

And hot buttered cheese scones anytime.

Delicious cheese scones Driftwood Cafe Emsworth

They also offer a light lunch menu which besides sandwiches and toasties, includes soups, quiche, salads , jacket potatoes, a ploughmans platter and Welsh rarebit.

Welsh rarebit Driftwood Cafe Emsworth


Despite the restrictions placed on their use of the internet, the boys still manage to find more to interest them on their PC’s and cell phones.

Rather than sitting down and ploughing their way through the books we drew through the Library before we were locked down. Let alone the Year 7 Maths they will need to get through their GCSE’s. It’s going to be a steep hill they have to climb just to catch up. But that is for me to worry about.

School admissions are handled by the local council. When I phoned I was politely directed to the Council web site where you are supposed to be able to find all the information that is required. But in practice it doesn’t quite work out as well as it should. I was still left bewildered and overwhelmed.