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Sussex Brewery

The Sussex Brewery is an authentic typically English village pub featuring low beams and an open fire, giving it a homely and warm atmosphere. It is the oldest pub in Emsworth and has been trading for over 250 years. During that time it has seen the town grow into a picturesque town and harbour with a reputation for being a major food destination. Their menus concentrate on fresh, local produce. Offering classic pub meals including the British Brisket Burger with Cheese, Bacon and Fries, or a Chicken Caesar Salad on crisp iceberg lettuce as well as the perennial favourite Crispy Battered Haddock served with thick-cut chips and minted peas.

They also offer a selection of award winning sausages served with mash, all cooked and presented with the emphasis on flavour and simplicity.


The Harvest petrol station next to the Kings Arms generally has the cheapest petrol in Havant and Chichester Harbour. But Tesco in Havant are worth watching. They are currently 4p cheaper.

Harvest Petrol Station
21-25 Havant Rd. · 01243 375428


Shell Petrol Station
A27 Eastbound ·  01243 379256


BP Petrol Station
A27 Westbound· 01243 373605


Esso Havant Service Station
87 Havant Rd. · 01243 373612


Murco Westbourne


Esso Rontec Nutbourne
13 Main Rd
01243 377144


For secret spots nearby, stories from a working woodland, natural wonders that we encounter and special moments.

Experience glamping in a beautiful wildlife meadow.  There’s nothing like toasting marshmallows, outdoor cooking and star gazing before heading into your unique and cosy indoor space for a luxurious nights sleep.  You can immerse yourself in the quiet life of the meadow where owls and bats hunt by twilight and butterflies flutter by day.  It’s a perfect place to disconnect and relax.



Our two Wagons are unique spaces each filled with artistic details inspired by wildlife & traditional craft.  The Belle Tent sleeps four under canvas, perfect for families & friends.  We’ve furnished them with all you need for your holiday.  The Bell Tents next to the Wagons are unfurnished and sleep two so you can enjoy an authentic camping experience.




When you arrive we’ll show you to your space and leave you to settle into the wonderful West Sussex countryside.

Plumbers in Emsworth

Charlea Sands

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Luke Finnegan

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Gemma Wallis

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Please do contact my partner Tristan Aust …. he may be able to help. Xx

Ryan May

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Parent controls cellphone usage

Parent Shield is a child-safe mobile network specifically designed for children getting their first phone. Unlike software that manage settings on a phone, parents get access to the the network and how it can be used. Making it possible to use any phone, make or model as well as preventing the user to work around the controls and change any of the settings.

Bluebells in the south east of England

Bluebells appear in ancient woodlands and along woodland edges in April and May. Itis an early flowering plant that naturally occurs in the UK. English bluebells, British bluebells, wood bells, fairy flowers and wild hyacinth, is an early flowering plant that naturally occurs in the UK. It appears in ancient woodlands and along woodland edges in April and May.

De-ice a windscreen

A zipoc bag with tepid (not hot) water. Just move the bag with water inside across your windscreen. Works quickly and no splashing water on yourself when the automatic wipers kick in

If you pour warm water over your windscreen the ice will melt quickly and you can remove any excess slush with an ice scraper. Please DO NOT boil the kettle for this, if the water is too hot it could lead to the glass cracking so stick to warm water from your tap.
A de-icer spray used with an ice scraper is a great solution. You need to use a fair amount and allow the de-icer to work before starting to scrape away.
You can make your own de-icer solution by mixing 1/3 water with 2/3 rubbing alcohol or 2/3 vinegar… or simply buy a de-icing spray at your local petrol station.
Ice Scraper
Combine an ice scraper with de-icer and you’ll be well on your way.
You should never use anything other than a car-specific scraper as credit cards or sharp objects can scratch your screen.
Keep your gloves handy

Also recommended that you put shopping bags over exterior mirrors – remove bags, perfect rear vision