Local cycle shops

I keep a bicycle at the Chichester station which I use to cycle to work at the factory.

Cycle routes Emsworth Chichester Harbour

A routine which gets complicated when one finds that the tire that should have been replaced months ago, has finally burst and is not going anywhere. Except onto the train and back to Emsworth Cycles.

Emsworh Cycles - Bike repairs Emsworth Hampshire

Didn’t think twice about it.

The first time I used them was after buying a couple of bikes off the net,  for a colleague at work. One of them needed new brake pads as well as a service so I took it in and left it with them.

But collected it the next day as my friend had decided he would service it himself. I apologised profusely for messing them around. But the lad I was dealing with, assured me it wasn’t a problem and undertook to keep our card in the queue. Saying he would phone me when it was next in line, just to check if there had been a change in plan.

This he did.

And whilst we didn’t need it at the time, it was a gesture, the sort of customer service which is rare to find.


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  1. No hype, no sales talk. Good honest advice when needed and the sort of service that is not easy to find these days.

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