Almost undiscovered

Emsworth was originally a busy fishing village, specialising in oysters.

That was until The Dean of Winchester and two others died of food poisoning at a Mayoral Banquet in the early 1900’s. The industry collapsed overnight and it has become a quaint, sleepy coastal harbour served by excellent rail and road links to Portsmouth, Chichester, Brighton and London.

There is a vibrant sailing community with two sailing clubs and a marina. The village has two tidal mill ponds, a picturesque harbour, characterful local pubs, good local primary schooling, and several excellent restaurants. It is served by both a local Coop, Tesco Express, two newsagents, two butchers, a hardware store and a greengrocer selling fresh produce. Emsworth has a thriving community, is well sought-after with half a dozen estate agents offices and a Travel Agency.

The south part of the town is particularly pretty, with a variety of period cottages and houses, and there are some beautiful walks along the harbour side.

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  1. I have a small one bed flat I would like to put on the market. Who is the best person to speak do now that Hazle have closed?

  2. Just the usual agencies – Henry Adams, Leaders, Borland & Borland, Cubitt & West, Gascoigne-Pees. The housing market is a bit flst at the moment.

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