Parent controls cellphone usage

Parent Shield is a child-safe mobile network specifically designed for children getting their first phone. Unlike software that manage settings on a phone, parents get access to the the network and how it can be used. Making it possible to use any phone, make or model as well as preventing the user to work around the controls and change any of the settings.

Bluebells in the south east of England

Bluebells appear in ancient woodlands and along woodland edges in April and May. Itis an early flowering plant that naturally occurs in the UK. English bluebells, British bluebells, wood bells, fairy flowers and wild hyacinth, is an early flowering plant that naturally occurs in the UK. It appears in ancient woodlands and along woodland edges in April and May.

De-ice a windscreen

A zipoc bag with tepid (not hot) water. Just move the bag with water inside across your windscreen. Works quickly and no splashing water on yourself when the automatic wipers kick in

If you pour warm water over your windscreen the ice will melt quickly and you can remove any excess slush with an ice scraper. Please DO NOT boil the kettle for this, if the water is too hot it could lead to the glass cracking so stick to warm water from your tap.
A de-icer spray used with an ice scraper is a great solution. You need to use a fair amount and allow the de-icer to work before starting to scrape away.
You can make your own de-icer solution by mixing 1/3 water with 2/3 rubbing alcohol or 2/3 vinegar… or simply buy a de-icing spray at your local petrol station.
Ice Scraper
Combine an ice scraper with de-icer and you’ll be well on your way.
You should never use anything other than a car-specific scraper as credit cards or sharp objects can scratch your screen.
Keep your gloves handy

Also recommended that you put shopping bags over exterior mirrors – remove bags, perfect rear vision


Deciding what does and what doesn’t get recycled gets complicated. Different rules apply in different areas and if you are not sure, best to bin it as general waste. What you do recycle should be clean, dry and loose. Don’t mix different items, putting one in another.

Havant Council accept the following items:

Plastic bottles – cool drinks, milk, shampoo and cleaning product bottles. Lids and labels are not a problem but they should be empty and clean. They should also be squashed before replacing the lid. No spray or pump dispensers. What about bottles with drinking spouts?

Cardboard – Unlaminated cards, toilet and kitchen roll tubes, cereal packets and boxes. Wrapping tape and staples should be removed and larger boxes torn into smaller sizes. Wet and food soiled cardboad should not go into the bin. Food and drink cartons go into general waste.

Paper – Newspaper, magazines, junk mail, catalogues and envelopes including window envelopes. But not wet, soiled, shredded or laminated paper, gift wrapping, tissues, paper towels or photographs.

Cans – Drink and food cans, sweets and biscuit tins that have been rinsed clean.

Aerosols – Empty aerosols such as deodorant and air freshener sprays. But not camping gas canisters or aerosols with a hazard symbol (an orange and black skull and crossbones). For example oven cleaner. The containers should not be pierced or squashed and no plastic lids.

No Glass.

Tutors in Emsworth

Emsworth Maths Tutor
Address: 4A Record Rd, Emsworth PO10 7NS
Areas served:
Hayling Island and nearby areas
Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon
Phone: 07928 534161

Language Clubs & Tuition
Language school in Emsworth
Service options: Online classes
Address: 48 Long Copse Ln, Emsworth PO10 7UR
Areas served:
Emsworth and nearby areas
Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon
Phone: 07786 802790
Private tutor in Emsworth
Address: St James Rd, Emsworth PO10 7DN
Areas served:
Emsworth and nearby areas
Phone: 07891 310380

Chichester Science Tuition
Burnside Cottage, School Lane, Nutbourne,

Hand car wash

Max Wax mobile valet service

DPD Services is a family business providing quality mobile valet services across majority Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex . THE SMALL COMPANY WHERE CUSTOMER CAR IS OUR PRIORITY!

The Company prides itself on outstanding customer service and quality mobile car valeting gained through years of experience in this field. whether you are looked after by darren or rick you can be assured of the best attention to detail and customer service ,with each car valet tailored to suit your requirements please call us so we can offer you outstanding service.

DPD Services The Small company where customer care is our priority for over 25 years

Palmer ‘S’Hines

We come to you

Jez Mobile Valeting is a Limited Company, Fully insured. We have 9Years experience in car valeting and 2Years Mobile Valeting.

Jez Mobile Valeting & Detailing Services is based in Bognor Regis covering most of the West Sussex area with Professional Mobile Valeting Services.

We come to your work or home for your Convenience with a Fully Equipped Specialised Van ready to get your car looking like Brand New!

We use Only AutoGlym and AutoSmart Products. We love cars and we carefully look after them while completing the service. We always try to do our best.

A Professional, Efficient & Thorough Service…

Pulita Detailing is a mobile valeting business with years of experienceperience cover Hampshire and West Sussex areas. We can come to your home or work to carry out full valets.

At Pulita Detailing we offer full vehicle valets. From maintenance details to full exterior and interior cleaning to bring a car back up to new.

KTM Mobile Valeting
Flat 2 Church Court, 42a North St, Emsworth, Tel 07596 912453

Emsworth Medical Practice

Its is unnecessarily frustrating trying to get a prescription from the local surgery.

My first line of attack was to log in to the site.  This takes one onto System Online where I request my monthly meds. There is also an option to ‘Make a Custom Request’.

So I did.

A week later I received a text message requesting me to use Econsult. After clicking the EConsult tab and wading through a lengthy questionaire on it politely advised me that the Emsworth Surgery does not support EConsultations.

Prompting me to phone Reception.

Only to be advised to return to the website and select the EConsult Prescription Request in the body of the page. Which once again requires a series of questions and a choice of selecting ‘Continue with NHS Login’ or to ‘Continue without logging in’. Despite not having my NHS # to hand I made the mistake of trying the short-cut, by logging in.

This took me to the NHS site where I was cross questioned, for ‘security purposes’,  and asked to upload a copy of my passport photo. After which I was required to recite four randomly generated numbers whilst glaring angrily at myself on camera.

Only to be informed it will take at least 24 hrs to decide whether I am who I am.

So it was back to where it all started, opting for ‘Continue without logging in’ this time and more questions. Constantly being reminded that the route I am on is used for ‘administrative requests’ only.