Emsworth Medical Practice

Its is unnecessarily frustrating trying to get a prescription from the local surgery.

My first line of attack was to log in to the site.  This takes one onto System Online where I request my monthly meds. There is also an option to ‘Make a Custom Request’.

So I did.

A week later I received a text message requesting me to use Econsult. After clicking the EConsult tab and wading through a lengthy questionaire on WebGP.com it politely advised me that the Emsworth Surgery does not support EConsultations.

Prompting me to phone Reception.

Only to be advised to return to the website and select the EConsult Prescription Request in the body of the page. Which once again requires a series of questions and a choice of selecting ‘Continue with NHS Login’ or to ‘Continue without logging in’. Despite not having my NHS # to hand I made the mistake of trying the short-cut, by logging in.

This took me to the NHS site where I was cross questioned, for ‘security purposes’,  and asked to upload a copy of my passport photo. After which I was required to recite four randomly generated numbers whilst glaring angrily at myself on camera.

Only to be informed it will take at least 24 hrs to decide whether I am who I am.

So it was back to where it all started, opting for ‘Continue without logging in’ this time and more questions. Constantly being reminded that the route I am on is used for ‘administrative requests’ only.



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