Carriages Cupcake and Coffee Shop was my introduction to Emsworth.

Tea rooms Emsworth Chichester Harbour

It is different , very different.

Situated on the platform at the Emsworth station it is neat, organised and welcoming. They also do very good cup cakes.

But it was the book exchange which captured my interest.

Book exchange Emsworth Hampshire

That and a simple sign, inviting you to simply “take one”. No two for one, no fees, no obligation. Something that says all you need to know about a family run cafe which offers something special.

Coffee shops Emsworth Chichester Harbour

They offer a limited menu but have something for most and are open from around seven in the morning till lunch time.
“It started with the new waiting room when customers were asked what they wanted. It was a cafe. So a business plan was put together by the Emsworth Residents Association and Southern Rail.”
Everything has been recycled – from the shelves, which were a CD rack, to the suitcase trolley which now holds crisps and confectionery, to the counter – which Garry made from a door.
And the community pitched in, helping to start a small business in a village that has managed to retain it’s charm.

Cup cakes Emsworth Chichester Harbour

And if you are a visitor looking for information about Chichester Harbour or what to do in and around Emsworth this is a good place to start. Carriages serves as an unofficial Information Office and Visitor Centre for Emsworth and the Chichester Harbour Conservancy offering useful advice and tourist information about the area.

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