Internet Marketing

No Frills Websites

Three page default installed WordPress site from ten pounds a month all inclusive

Social Media & Common Sense Internet Marketing

 from fifty pounds a month :

Multiple domains – site set up and hosting
(excludes annual domain registration fee of approx eight pounds a year)

Workshop support – Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Community Build

How does the average, small, local business make use of the internet to add real value and promote the business they are running?

A question I have been asking over and over again, year after year. But for some reason one that tends to get very complicated, very quickly.

The answer is not hard to find. That is as long as you understand that it needs time. That you want to keep it simple. Like starting with a default WordPress website.

A free open source script. One that powers a third of all the sites on the internet.

There is nothing complicated about any of this. It’s all dead easy. Common sense mostly. No more difficult than learning which buttons to push. Sharing ones know how and experience.

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