Emsworth Local is the first of a cluster of sites being set up as part of an experimental workshop. A net based, Back to Basics community build, opening doors to some of the many online opportunities that there are simply for the taking.

It started with a question I have asked myself, over and over again. How does a small local business promote and add value to what has been started, whilst still having to count the pennies?

All of this, using whatever free tools I can find. Along with some bitter experience, picked up on the way.

Doing stuff that interests me.

Exploring, Asking & Answering questions. None of it complicated. Stuff anyone can do. Technically there is nothing stopping anyone. It is just a question of getting involved, making oneself useful and learning how.

Participating in and contributing to a free, informal, online workshop and  blogging project.

Dabbling on the internet.

Please feel free to post a comment on the site or use the Enquiries Form if you might be interested and have a question.

2 Replies to “Workshop”

  1. I have set up a little home salon in Havant for nails and some beauty for those women who want a more private setting rather than a high street salon.

    Could I advertise or is this for Emsworth only?

    1. You are more than welcome to advertise.

      But it is not solely about advertising. The question I am asking is how we add value and build what each of us starts into personal interests, local and family run. I have set up a site for Havant Local as well as Portsmouth and Petersfield. But before getting them going, I need to get this one to work.

      If you would like me to add a profile page let me have a back story. Something a little more personal than an advert together with a couple of pictures. I will also make a post for Nail Salons where we can list your contact details. Don’t expect an instant response.

      But if we keep plugging away at it, it will get seen eventually.

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