Deciding what does and what doesn’t get recycled gets complicated. Different rules apply in different areas and if you are not sure, best to bin it as general waste. What you do recycle should be clean, dry and loose. Don’t mix different items, putting one in another.

Havant Council accept the following items:

Plastic bottles – cool drinks, milk, shampoo and cleaning product bottles. Lids and labels are not a problem but they should be empty and clean. They should also be squashed before replacing the lid. No spray or pump dispensers. What about bottles with drinking spouts?

Cardboard – Unlaminated cards, toilet and kitchen roll tubes, cereal packets and boxes. Wrapping tape and staples should be removed and larger boxes torn into smaller sizes. Wet and food soiled cardboad should not go into the bin. Food and drink cartons go into general waste.

Paper – Newspaper, magazines, junk mail, catalogues and envelopes including window envelopes. But not wet, soiled, shredded or laminated paper, gift wrapping, tissues, paper towels or photographs.

Cans – Drink and food cans, sweets and biscuit tins that have been rinsed clean.

Aerosols – Empty aerosols such as deodorant and air freshener sprays. But not camping gas canisters or aerosols with a hazard symbol (an orange and black skull and crossbones). For example oven cleaner. The containers should not be pierced or squashed and no plastic lids.

No Glass.

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    1. When I phoned I was advised by Havant to “pop it into the domestic waste” which doesn’t seem right. I assume hazardous waste needs to go into the appropriate bin and that this would involve a trip to a collection centre.

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